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Affordable, Family-Focused Treatment Solutions for Individuals

At Rayville Recovery, we are focused on the business of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. We work very hard to be as efficient as possible on the business side so more money can be focused on the treatment and recovery of those who choose to enroll in our programs.

It is through this focus, and the support of great partners, that we can offer truly affordable drug and alcohol treatment for Louisiana residents with low income.  Our curriculum includes both drug and alcohol rehab as well as Family Education in our inpatient rehab facility.

We accept private insurance and Medicaid for addiction treatment while offering a sliding scale fee that is made possible with the help of our partner, Northeast Delta Human Services Authority. Even if you do not have or do not think you qualify for one of the programs mentioned above, do not wait to call us if you want help. Not only may we be able to enroll you in Medicaid for your rehab treatment, but if we are unable to provide you with the services that you need, we have an extensive and broad network of referral sources. Our team will put you in touch with someone who can meet your individualized drug or alcohol treatment need.

CARF Accredited rehab

Rayville Recovery is a proud, CARF Accredited treatment center serving Louisiana residents.

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  • Rayville Recovery - Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment & Recovery
  • A Safe Place For Drug and Alcohol Detox and Treatment
  • Drug & Alcohol Treatment Facility
  • Rayville Recovery - Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment & Recovery

What our Clients Say

The staff at Rayville Recovery told me that it took real courage to seek help with my problems. I found a better way of living, a way to be comfortable without the use of chemicals.- Tonya
I went to 3 drug rehab centers in 2009, and I got more out of my time at Rayville Recovery than the other 2 combined. I felt very safe and understood while I was at Rayville Recovery.- Cole
Incredible center with a lovely staff. They did the absolute most for my friend.- Julia
I was going to die out there, and God brought me to Rayville Recovery, and they saved my life. Your staff helped me believe that God has a plan for me. Thank you for helping me be a better man.- Damarius
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