“I went to 3 drug rehab centers in 2009, and I got more out of my time at Rayville Recovery than the other 2 combined. I felt very safe and understood while I was at Rayville Recovery.”

— Cole

“My name is Damarius, and I am from Baton Rouge. I was going to die out there, and God brought me to Rayville Recovery, and they saved my life. Your staff helped me believe that God has a plan for me. Thank you for helping me be a better man.”

— Damarius

“I went through Rayville Recovery in 2008 and was taught to understand my self-defeating behavior. I learned coping skills that have kept me sober, which resulted in getting my children back and enrollment in the RNP program with the LA State Board of Nursing. Thank you for helping me get my life back.”

— Kim

“The staff at Rayville Recovery told me that it took real courage to seek help with my problems. I found a better way of living, a way to be comfortable without the use of chemicals.”

— Tonya

Reminiscing on life before I was labeled a Thug…,
And how innocent my true character was before the use of drugs…
It was so beautiful without the use of marijuana to have an appetite..,
And so relaxing without the use of a downer to help get to sleep at nite…
Living the life of sobriety may not be such an easy way..,
But it does give more of a guarantee for a better tomorrow in a sober way…
I thank God for the Serenity that He has given me..,
And guiding my footsteps into the Rayville Recovery…”
Dedicated to my counselor Mr. Marlin and also Mr. Bill

— Otha E.