Medicaid Options

Detox, treatment and enrollment in comprehensive Medicaid coverage are Just a few clicks away.

If you have no insurance and are not currently enrolled in Medicaid, you have found the right place to begin your Recovery. With onsite Medicaid enrollment, you can receive treatment while we attempt to get you signed up for you comprehensive health coverage with Medicaid.

Regardless of the outcome of your application, approved or not, you will receive the same treatment here at Rayville Recovery. This coverage is not limited to substance abuse or behavioral health. The Medicaid plan we will enroll you for can be used beyond your stay at Rayville Recovery for anything medical including wellness, check-ups, physicals, vision, pharmacy, and some limited dental services.

Which best describes your situation?


If you are or a loved one are already enrolled in Medicaid, the process is simple. Please just click on the link in Step 1 that applies to your situation.

STEP 1: Click the appropriate button and fill out the form.



STEP 2: Hold tight. Normally, we reach out to you via phone or email shortly after you submit the form, but please allow up to 12 hours to pass before following up via phone.


If you currently have no insurance and are not enrolled in Medicaid, please follow the instructions below to start the enrollment process. You can be admitted and receive treatment at Rayville Recovery while we process your application.

STEP 1: Click the button below and fill out the short form.



STEP 2: After submitting the form, our team will review your information and contact you with next steps for admission and your Medicaid enrollment.

Have private insurance or will you pay out-of-pocket? Click Here.